Build Trafficlight


At my work, we are trying to accomplish something approaching "Continious Delivery". There is a long way to go, but we have gotten our Git server to function alongside Gerrit and the TeamCity buildserver.

In order to visualize our builds I made a small trafficlight, that continiously polls the state of the TeamCity server. The state of the current project is then visualized as Green (build passed), yellow (build in progress) or red (build failed).


I am using a small elderly thin client, running a tiny Debian distribution. As the thin client does not have enough internal space, i have installed the distro on a 4GB usb key, using it to boot from.

In addition, i am using a tiny trafficlight designed for industrial machines (, which state i am changing through a Denkovi relay module. The relaymodule is connected to the thin client using an usb cable.

Now, many people would say that I could just use a Raspberry Pi to do this, avoiding the need for a usb-controlled relay module. True... but I happened to 

The relay module.

I am using a relay module from Denkovi to switch the state of the trafficlight. 


The build trafficlight is build around a small linux server and a Denkovi Relayboard. Countless